About EdInsights

Our Role

EdInsights is devoted to student success and the public benefits of education. Our mission is to inform and improve policymaking and practice within and across higher education.


How we help

EdInsights helps educators and policymakers create better, more equitable experiences and outcomes for students in three primary ways:


Creating new knowledge

EdInsights conducts rigorous research, develops new insights, and applies this knowledge to make sense of the complex forces and ideas at work in education. We support good decisions for states, systems, institutions, and schools by clarifying options and teasing out implications grounded in research, evaluation, and analysis. We make information accessible to all who can use it to advance student success.


Connecting across systems

The systems that shape student success involve many individuals, institutions, and regions. EdInsights brings people together to facilitate learning, information sharing, and strategic action. In this role, we identify gaps and opportunities to improve policy and practice across systems.


Guiding cycles of improvement

EdInsights provides expertise and assistance through all stages of education policy and practice development—from inception to implementation, evaluation to refinement.

How We Work

EdInsights helps support student success by providing the following capabilities to our partners in education, philanthropy, and government.

Policy research

We conduct applied research to create bodies of knowledge on key issues relevant to student success. Our qualitative and quantitative studies are enriched by our understanding of contextual issues that affect our education system, including student perspectives.

Program evaluation

We evaluate programs to assess active policies and practices that feed cycles of continuous improvement and to understand the effects of public investments on institutional change. We conduct formative and summative evaluations and partner to help those involved understand results and apply lessons learned.

Statewide initiatives

We manage two statewide initiatives to bring people together, build knowledge and leadership, and support student success: The CSU Student Success Network and the California Education Policy Fellowship Program.

Our Funders

Our People

EdInsights has deep expertise in applied research, analysis and development, as well as research and design, evaluation, writing and communications.

Breaunna Alexander

Research Manager

Lowela Anunciacion
Associate Director

Jaquelyn Caro-Sena

Research Associate III

Jeanine Cunningham

Research Manager

Laura Diep

Administrative Support Coordinator

Leslie Dunnigan
Research Assistant

Annelise Green

Research Associate II

Sukai Kato-Hopkins

Research Associate

Madeleine R. Kerrick

Interim Executive Director

Kalifa Madden
Communications Manager
Jasmine Nguyen

Research Associate II

Joanlyn Ocampo
Senior Project Analyst
Ben Paquette-Ferguson
UX Design Analyst, Research Assistant

Natalie Stoesser

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Lada Thao

Administrative Assistant

Lara Triona

Research Associate III

Jeffrey Walker

Administrative Analyst

Rebecca Woolston

Research Associate