Reports and Briefs

It is our commitment to make the knowledge we develop accessible to all who can use it to advance student success. The following reports are available to read and share.

The Strategy and Politics of California’s Major School Finance Reform

A Community Anchor: A Review of Career Education Policy Barriers and Solutions

In this third brief of our Community Anchor series, EdInsights offers policy recommendations to strengthen workforce development to better serve students, communities, and regional economies. In this brief, we outline steps the state and the California Community Colleges (CCC) have taken to address barriers to more effective career education (CE) programs, point to some early […]

A Community Anchor: College Personnel Perspectives about Developing and Implementing Career Education Programs

Learning from the experiences of faculty, staff, and administrators can help colleges prepare for barriers and avoid pitfalls while redesigning their CE programs to better meet students’ needs. Their perspectives are also relevant in the context of current efforts by the U.S. Department of Education to issue grants meant to expand short-term and work-based learning programs […]

A Community Anchor: Student Perspectives about Career Education

A Community Anchor: Student Perspectives about Career Education The CCCs provide education and training to diverse student populations for a variety of purposes, including to prepare them for careers in today’s workforce. CE programs are aimed at helping students find meaningful jobs and careers with family-supporting wages, aligning curriculum with industry needs, encouraging timely completion, […]

Use Drives Quality: Considering Data Quality Issues in California’s Pursuit of a Cradle-to-Career Data System

These briefs address important data quality considerations as California takes steps toward building a longitudinal student data system to support efforts to improve student progress and outcomes from preschool through higher education and into the workforce. It is an addendum to EdInsights’ four-part series examining California’s approach to student-level data, aimed at supporting the state’s Cradle-to-Career Data Workgroup and other stakeholders as they make critical decisions about the structure and function of this important resource for educators, researchers, and students and their families.

Bridging the Gaps through Cross-System Education Partnerships

Bridging the Gaps through Cross-System Education Partnerships

Bridging the Gap (BtG) supports successful student transitions from high school to postsecondary, via cross-system, education partnerships. With funding from The James Irvine Foundation, BtG partnerships focus on first-generation college students, students of color, and low-income students who face substantial barriers in meeting their educational goals. This series explores the experiences of two California partnerships that joined the Bridging the Gap initiative in 2016: one in Long Beach and the other in the Salinas Valley.

Destination Integration: Perspectives of Students and Advisors about Improving Academic Advising

In this second of our two part series exploring advising practices on five CSU campuses, we expand on the previous study by bringing in the voices of advisors and students at these five campuses, and summarizing the perspectives of faculty advisors, professional staff advisors, and students in the context of campus efforts to improve advising. Through this research advisors and students brought to light several areas that may need more attention and targeted improvement efforts as campuses move forward to improve the integration and efficiency of advising.

California’s Education Systems: A Sum of the Moving Parts

California’s Education Systems: A Sum of the Moving Parts

We commissioned this working paper for the California Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) because we had a hard time finding one current source…