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Governance Decisions are Critical to the Success of California’s Cradle-to-Career Data System

California’s planning process for a “Cradle-to-Career” data system has reached a critical juncture, as the Workgroup charged with making recommendations about the system considers governance options and the selection of an entity to manage it. Past efforts to develop a statewide data system in California were stymied over concerns about the make-up, roles, and responsibilities of the entity selected to manage the system, and how data collected by that entity would be used and by whom.

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Our Commitment to Action for Racial Justice

EdInsights stands in solidarity with demands for racial justice, and commits to actions to identify and dismantle white supremacy, structural racism, and oppression in public education. We will work to ensure that our education systems deeply value and provide meaningful learning opportunities for Black students. We take the President of Sacramento State’s charge to hold his colleagues responsible for action very seriously.

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Shared Via EdSource: How to Ensure Equitable Opportunities for College Students Coping with the Pandemic with Commentary by Andrea Venezia, Bianca Mothe and Terra Thorne

Once a student steps out of college, it’s very hard to get them back. That’s a profound problem in higher education, and an even bigger one during a pandemic that has pushed students off campus to take all their courses online. Right now, colleges don’t know where many of their students are — or if they are safe.

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