Dr. Madeleine R. Kerrick Appointed as Interim Executive Director!


February 2024

EdInsights is pleased to announce Dr. Madeleine R. Kerrick as its Interim Executive Director. Dr. Kerrick draws on nearly two decades of experience working in equity and social justice within healthcare and education. With an established record of securing funding, producing quality research, and building highly collaborative and successful teams, Dr. Kerrick is well-positioned to lead the center during this time of transition. 

As Director of Evaluation Research, Dr. Kerrick helped to grow EdInsights’ reputation as a trusted education evaluation partner in California using a highly collaborative process based on equitable evaluation strategies. During her five and a half years with the organization, she has brought in and managed more than $6M in research and evaluation projects, advocated for and established career ladders to support an equitable and transparent workplace, and grew EdInsights’ research and evaluation team from three to nine over three years. 

Prior to joining EdInsights, Dr. Kerrick was an adjunct professor at San José State University. 

Dr. Kerrick was Made at Sac State, receiving a bachelor’s in Child Development – Social & Community Settings before completing a PhD in Developmental Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.