Toward Racial Justice in California’s Education Systems: An Introduction to Policy Spanning K-12 and Higher Education

by | Sep 2022

Since the efforts to be made in education equity follow the entire student pathway, this guide seeks to advance a public dialogue about and action toward racial justice across the state’s public schools, colleges, and universities. In supporting dialogue and action, this guide also seeks to model it. The model used is borrowed from the California Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP), which convenes a group of education leaders annually to meet and network several times during the year. These professionals work in K-12 schools, higher education, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. They include teachers, faculty, staff, administrators, researchers, and policy specialists. They come together from across their roles in education to:

• identify and discuss broad challenges and opportunities facing education in California; • examine student data and research that can inform these deliberations;

• expand their knowledge of state, system, and institutional policy across K-12 and higher education; and

• diversify their statewide networks to take advantage of opportunities for educational advancement in California.

Thank you to the Hewlett Foundation for providing their financial support for the EPFP program and for this publication.