Our People

Lada Thao

Administrative Assistant

Lada Thao joined EdInsights in January 2024 as an administrative assistant. Lada earned her BA in International Relations with a minor in Psychology from California State University, Chico. As a first-generation college graduate herself, Lada is passionate about helping students have access to educational opportunities and support to succeed in higher education. As an undergrad, Lada served as the president of the Upward Bound Alumni Association, a student organization whose focus is to help high school seniors transition from high school to college, and to provide them support and resources to pursue and complete their college degree program. Lada organized multiple fundraisers to fund college scholarship awards for the Upward Bound Alumni Association, and in an effort to support freshmen retention, organized mentorship programs to help students acclimate to university life. She organized and planned workshops to help high school seniors with college applications, as well as financial aid workshops to help them in their college admission journey. Lada also served as a member of the Hmong Student Association at Chico State where she helped coordinate a higher education conference for Hmong students and parents in the local community to learn more about higher education opportunities.