EdInsights is devoted to student success and the public benefits of education.

Our mission is to inform and improve policymaking and practice for K-12 education, community colleges, and public universities. We do this through policy research, program evaluation, and capacity building. We focus on issues relevant to California and the nation. EdInsights is located in the state capital at California State University, Sacramento.

How we help

EdInsights helps educators and policymakers create better, more equitable experiences and outcomes for students in three primary ways:

Creating new knowledge

EdInsights conducts rigorous research, develops new insights, and applies this knowledge to make sense of the complex forces and ideas at work in education. We support good decisions for states, systems, institutions, and schools by clarifying options and teasing out implications grounded in research, evaluation, and analysis. We make information accessible to all who can use it to advance student success.

Connecting across systems

The systems that shape student success involve many individuals, institutions, and regions. EdInsights brings people together to facilitate learning, information sharing, and strategic action. In this role, we identify gaps and opportunities to improve policy and practice across systems.

Guiding cycles of improvement

EdInsights provides expertise and assistance through all stages of education policy and practice development—from inception to implementation, evaluation to refinement.

Our Commitments

  • Focus on student success
  • Bring rigor and relevance to decisions in education
  • Work as an objective partner and facilitator
  • Make our knowledge accessible to all who can use it

Advancing Research and Policy for K-12 and Postsecondary Education

Contact Us

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