February 28, 2023

In collaboration with EdInsights and UC Davis, a new PACE report and related infographic as well as a webinar on Monday, March 6th, at 12pm (PST) examine ways to improve math course-taking for high school students in California public schools.An infographic updating prior research by Sherrie ReedCassandra Merritt, and Michal Kurlaender finds that nearly half of high school graduates do not meet the math requirements of state universities or are ill-prepared for college math. The evidence presented suggests opportunities to improve these outcomes, including developing alternatives to traditional math-course sequences.report featuring new research by Reed, Kurlaender, Merritt, and Kathy Bracco highlights six partnerships between college-level and high school math educators to develop and implement innovative courses. The authors find improved outcomes for the more representative group of students who take the new courses, including an increased likelihood of completing course requirements for admission to state universities. The innovative advanced math courses studied are described more fully in six case studies.

Read the PACE report