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September 2011 | Nancy Shulock, Jeremy Offenstein, and Camille Esch

This report uses data from the Delta Cost Project to analyze revenue and spending patterns across California higher education. The report compares patterns across California’s three public higher education systems (University of California, California State University and the California Community Colleges), documents changes over a seven-year period for which data are available (2002-2009), and compares California to the rest of the nation. Researchers conclude that policymakers’ traditional approach to fiscal planning is inadequate for today’s challenges and recommend greater transparency in spending and revenues and a more strategic and state-wide approach to financing higher education.

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July 2011 | Colleen Moore, Jeremy Offenstein, and Nancy Shulock

This report uses national data to take an in-depth look at California higher education performance in relation to other states and by region and by race/ethnicity. It analyzes California’s postsecondary performance in the categories of preparation, participation, affordability, completion, benefits and finance, finding that the state’s performance is average, at best, and trending downward. This report is the fourth in a series of reports previously titled The Grades are In, which followed the publication of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education’s bi-annual Measuring Up reports that graded the 50 states on their higher education performance.

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November 2009 | Nancy Shulock

This report published by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education draws attention to the need for better coordination and cooperation between K-12 and postsecondary education in order to improve college readiness and college completion in the nation.  Part I of the report provides an historical and national overview of the P-16 alignment challenge and efforts to increase the college readiness of high school graduates.  Part II, written by IHELP Director Nancy Shulock, examines, through three state case studies, the effectiveness of P-16/P-20 councils as mechanisms to bridge the divide between high schools and colleges and increase college readiness and success.

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August 2009 | Jeremy Offenstein and Nancy Shulock

This report analyzes the value and effectiveness of the IPEDS system for understanding student outcomes in community colleges. The report discusses the system’s shortcomings including the limitation of the graduation rate data to full-time students, the difficulty in discerning student intent in order to report on the appropriate outcomes, and the limitations for using the data to make comparisons across colleges. Recommendations are made for improving the data collected and for better use of the data. 

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February 2009 | Nancy Shulock

This report is the third in a series of reports analyzing the performance of California higher education in the areas of preparation, participation, completion, affordability, and benefits. It presents data related to these categories of performance by region and by race/ethnicity, and discusses key issues and policy recommendations for each category. It also describes California's performance relative to other states as presented in the National Center's Measuring Up 2008 report card.

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