Scaling Goodwill: The Challenges of Implementing Robust Education Data Sharing Through Regional Partnerships

January 2018

Based on interviews with educators from K-12 community colleges and four-year institutions in six regions across the state, Scaling Goodwill: The Challenges of Implementing Robust Education Data through Regional Partnerships outlines the challenges inherent in utilizing regional approaches to sharing data across education systems as a substitute for a statewide data system. Without state-level investment in better integrated data systems, local and regional data collection efforts will likely be unable to access the information needed to make informed decisions to improve student outcomes. Even regional partnerships that have functioned effectively for many years face serious challenges with the cross-systems data component of their work. This brief analyzes the benefits and challenges of participating in these local and regional data sharing efforts in order to help both institutions and the state understand what is working and where changes are needed to improve student progress and outcomes.

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This policy brief is the third in the series: California Education Policy, Student Data, and the Quest to Improve Student Progress. The series examines California's approach to gathering and sharing longitudinal data about students' progress through the state's education systems.

Brief 1 - Gaps in Perspective: Who Should Be Responsible for Tracking Student Progress Across Systems?
Brief 2 - California's Maze of Student Information: Education Data Systems Leave Critical Questions Unanswered



Authors: Colleen Moore and Kathy Reeves Bracco



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