We evaluate programs.

Our program evaluations assess policies and practices that support cycles of continuous improvement and help people understand the effects of public and philanthropic investments on institutional change. We conduct formative and summative evaluations and partner to help those involved understand results and apply lessons learned. 

Evaluation reports are usually confidential documents that help those engaged in the work understand successes and challenges, and that help funders evaluate the effectiveness of their investment. Through our evaluations, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience about transitioning big ideas into practice, and about common leverage points and pitfalls. We share high-level themes from the evaluations — keeping all identifying information regarding those involved in the evaluations confidential.

Our projects focus on issues such as:

INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: EdInsights is partnering with the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office in a developmental evaluation of the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, focusing on a host of professional learning opportunities within that system. To read our previous reports, visit http://iepi.cccco.edu/About-IEPI and look for the section titled Professional Development Reports under the "Reports" tab.

COLLEGE STUDENT SUCCESSAt its host campus, Sacramento State, EdInsights is helping colleagues evaluate student success programs, such as the Full Circle Project, which supports Asian American and Pacific Islander students through learning communities.

GUIDED PATHWAYS: In partnership with the Foundation for California Community Colleges and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, EdInsights is conducting a developmental evaluation of the rollout, planning, implementation, and early impact of the California Community Colleges Guided Pathways framework.

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