Our People

Danielle Pitts

Administrative Assistant

Danielle joined the Edinsights team as a California Education Policy Fellowship Program (CA EPFP) admin assistant in July 2023. As of April 2024, she serves as an admin assistant and copy editor for both the CA EPFP and the Student Success Network teams. Danielle earned her BA in English Literature from California State University, Sacramento and is in the process of obtaining her MA from the same institution. She has always gravitated towards roles that enabled her to interact with and enrich the experiences of other students. Doing so fulfilled two key desires – to help others feel like they belonged in the world of higher education and to help herself feel the same way. Previously, Danielle has worked a variety of jobs within the CSUS network including working as an English writing tutor and graduate teaching assistant within the College of Arts & Letters, as a student assistant and staff member working within the Human Resources Employment Services and Payroll offices, and as a copy editor for the Center for California Studies’ academic journal, the CJPP.